High quality electronical devices

We provide the world with high-quality products and services, we are known for our vast experience in the trade of electronical equipment from leading brands all over the world.

Our Services

  • High quality electronical products

  • Competitive prices

  • Fast shipping all over the world

  • Shipping, warehousing & delivery scheduling services

It is the mission of Power Traders 2020 B.V. to provide our customers with an exclusive service from a flexible import/export company, which means high quality branded products at a very competitive price and fast shipping all over the world. We will provide workable purchase contracts, completed with shipping, warehousing and delivery scheduling.

The company concentrates on all kind of electronical products from major brands like Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi purchased through exclusive channels all over the world and distributed all over the world from our base in The Netherlands.

Our Story

The founder of the company, mr. Basharat Aziz Akhtar, has chosen for the Netherlands as base of the operations because of it’s formidable infrastructure and ports, good climate for investment, where the government and private companies provide a good service to entrepreneurs. The founder of the company has much experience in the wholesale trading of electronical goods, he earned his reputation during the years due to a good service for his customers and he delivers what he says.

COVID-19 Challenge

In addition to this we have the skills to adapt our daily operation to a daily changing world, unfortunately at this moment the world is in need of various COVID-19 protectional products, such as face masks and rubber gloves. Thanks to our wide network, we succeeded to buy these products at highly competitive pricing as well. At the moment we’re serving a lot of happy customers in their needs for these kind of protectional products

We are part of the global technological revolution, providing our clients with access to equipment and solutions that positively affect their everyday lives – in business and in private life. Power Traders 2020’s mission is to create very lucrative business deals for our customers all over the world, based on our excellent purchasing channels. We exist to attract and maintain customers all over the world. We will invest in our customers relations. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.


  • We have what you need. Both when you know exactly what you want to buy and when you are just looking for equipment tailored to your needs.
  • We always provide professional advice and purchasing support, we will always offer you fast rotating goods.


  • We work so that your purchases go in the most convenient way, you can relax and sit down while your monitoring your incoming orders.
  • We have succeeded in global trading and operations, because we are always able to adapt to diverse partners and market conditions.


  • We provide what is the foundation of good, long-lasting business relationships: certainty and timeliness of actions.
  • We use the services of leading logistics companies and global forwarders, ensuring reliable deliveries from reliable sources on competitive pricing.